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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I had a great post all queued about bathroom lighting and forgot to snap the corresponding picture. With tons of pics on the phone, it shouldn't be hard to find a suitable alternative (or not).

For now, look up...the ceiling is actually a good opportunity to be unique for not a ton of dough. Let's look at some different ideas to perhaps distinguish your home or property.

Have a look:

This is a large ornate ceiling medallion I saw at a house designed by Tocci Development in Needham. You can buy them much cheaper in plastic instead of wood. A similar medallion in plastic will cost $250-500.

"Never waste a ceiling" to quote Cliff Long, yet another upscale developer from my hometown. By designing this grooved ceiling, he will be able to provide ambient (read last weeks post) lighting throughout the space.

Or you can do everything like the Lennox hotel....Light the diameter of the dome and hang lights (they have about 12 in this installation).

Once again, you don't have to break the bank on stainless appliances to highlight your property...sometimes it's the simple ideas.

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