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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


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Friday, February 18, 2011

Induction vs Pro Cooking(Review/Demo/Rating)

Real Fast Article

I am a big induction fan. It is quite simply the best technology. You are probably sick of these posts. However, I was  watching Christina, the Viking staff chef, cook. In the Viking kitchen there is both pro gas and induction. Look at what she chose to use.

Now here is why:


1. Faster than gas, even professional gas

2. Instant simmer

3. Less residual heat = less venting

4. More child safe:

5. 90% efficient Vs 60% Gas Vs 55% electric

Read Our Induction Guide for features and power ratings of every manufacturer

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

4 Products To Consider

Have a peek at the 4 best values, until Presidents Day. Coincidentally, the top 4 have serious rebates...

1. Frigidaire FGHD2433KB - Why: This is a good dishwasher at $349. At $99 after rebates, this is a darn (add the adjective here) good dishwasher.

2. Bosch WFVC6450 - Why: Bosch may manufacture the best washer in the industry at 4.4 cubic foot, steam and eco-cycle. They are also not manufacturing laundry after 2011. This machine is now $449 after $500 in rebates...Rebates are more than the purchase price.

3. Electrolux EWFL65HTS and EMED65HTS - Why: It's last years, and at $1499 for the pair, it is approximately $1800 less than the 2011.....

4. JennAir Slide-Ins - Why: There are $200 rebates even though the brand has few competitors in this segment. Add a few more pieces and receive more rebates, a free dishwasher and the key to the JennAir corporate condo in Chicago.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Accent Lighting

I love hotels. Most great residential ideas emanate from commercial spaces, especially hotels. These flowers look pretty good in the Mandarin Oriental. The color is really vivid.

Now look up:

The flowers are bathed in halogen light delivered by a simple recessed light...This is very easy to do, btw.

Accent Lighting:

1. Track and recessed are the main products to use.

2. Bulbs are either halogen, low voltage or LED. The Kelvin or color rendering should be between 2700-3200.

3. Do not use incandescent. It renders too yellow.

4. If you are accenting art, use LED exclusively. LED does not project heat and will not discolor your artwork.