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Monday, June 01, 2009

Wicked Smaht

(Titled is spelled for Mass phonetics). Bosch is quietly dumping their most popular laundry by offering $400 in rebates to $1349...an almost 25% discount from last year.

Now the question is, why? This is really quiet, large and efficient product. Well, they are planning a new release of products in August, which will have the capability of being stacked. As you know from reading this blog, second floor installations are becoming increasingly popular. The current products cannot be stacked.

In my opinion, this is smart, because 25% is not the 50% manufacturers typically write off when they decide to move the product 2 years from now when its languishing in a warehouse somewhere....

BTW, the $200 pedestals are free as well....By donating these units to consumers, they wont be languishing either...They dont fit the new units.

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