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Thursday, June 18, 2009

LED Yet Again

I have been searching through the internet looking at the total dollar savings between LED and incandescent lighting. One thought has been popping in my head: Incandescent bulbs need to go away. These circa 1802 inventions are only 10% effective and waste tons of energy.

So the question is how much would you save with LED over the lifetime of the bulb...A couple of assumptions first: Massachusetts energy costs (insanely high) are .22 cents per kilowatt hour. A LED bulb is $50, and a par halogen(halogen is incandescent) is $6.50. Lamp life is 1000 hours for halogen and 50,000 for LED. Further, your time in replacing the bulb is worth $15 and you will be paid for your time replacing the bulb.

Last assumption is the bulb will be on 8 hours a day every day. Bad assumption? How many lights have been left on in your house as you are reading this?

The answer is below...

A couple of good resources are www.ledwaves.com and www.energystar.gov

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