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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Kelly Rippa is Wrong?

I will be in New York tomorrow talking with Electrolux about their advertising campaign (like my opinion should count). They spent 250 million dollars advertising their brand featuring Kelly Rippa in one year.

That's right $250,000,000...

At the end of the day, did they receive a return on a huge investment? Then I was thinking what if I was the CMO...What would I do? Leveraging strength in my opinion is the way to market anything, whether its Yale or Electrolux:

My campaign would feature the following:

The Biggest

Their laundry is the largest at 4.7 cubic feet. They also have a 18 minute wash and dry cycle, so they are the fastest. They also have the shallowest vented dimension, so they fit in more closets...

The Fastest

Induction is faster and better than even professional gas ranges. I would show a comparison on Youtube with boiling water (I think we do)...Costs $350 for a good camera with video, so I am way under budget....The Electrolux induction is also the least expensive unit...Multiple themes could be generated here.


Their control panels allows consumers to cook anything at any cycle...allowing for multiple themes here.


So far, I have spent $350. I would probably spread out a few more dollars on the internet content spends as well as blogger alliances and maybe some paid Google searches...and spend the rest on manufacturing a french door refrigerator, which has dominated this segment. They have it out now, but Electrolux has lost package driven consumers for almost 3 years.

How did I do?


  1. I was shopping at Sears today and there was a 5.0 HE washer. I don't think it was Electrolux but the sales associate showed me a Whirlpool Duet with a 17 min wash cycle and a 15 min dry cycle. I didn't like the door on the Electrolux or the price.

  2. Sears HE is manufactured by LG or Whirlpool..To the best of knowledge, neither produces a 5.0 or a short wash cycle...

    There was certainly nothing that large 2 years ago when Electrolux launched

  3. The 5.0 is a top load. Whirlpool introduced it on the Cabrio.

  4. Mea Culpa...was thinking front load

  5. Electrolux has started selling a french door, counter depth frige. When will Yale be carrying it? Thanks.

  6. You have the heart of a marketer - your campaign ideas are great, not to mention $249,999,650 cheaper, give or take, over Kelly Rippa (I have NEVER understood celebrity endorsements or the halo effect around things like appliances anyway).

    While I'm not necessarily in the market for biggest or fastest, I will probably be calling you guys today about a new French Door fridge (LG, probably, not Electrolux). Thanks for all your good work!

  7. Hey Thanks,

    I am somewhat guilty of the celebrity endorsement. I used the UFC fighter Chuck Liddell for Yale spots 3 years ago.

    He was more of an anti- endorsement, and I only spent $15,000. Go to Youtube and enter Chuck Vs Dennis

    But I agree, Kelly Ripa has occluded the feature/benefit story of this line.


  8. At least you have a sense of irony and humor with your choice of celebrity; great work on that ad! Especially for only $15k... did that include media buys too?!

    For my money, however, I'd have closed with a punchline, like Chuck looking mad again, with Dennis in a headlock saying, red faced, "Yes! Yes! We'll beat that price!! Just don't beat me." Or something along those lines. If you ever want to hire me, I'm available. ;-)

    I just ordered my LG fridge from you guys yesterday... and I think it was Dennis I talked to. If I come down there and threaten him with UFC-style violence can I get free delivery too?

  9. Hey thanks...the irony of an anti spokesman cracked me up...then again, I wrote it. But, He really is a nice guy, and great to his fans

    Send me your name and address to steve.sheinkopf@yaleappliance.com, and let me find a rebate for you