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Monday, October 18, 2010

A Few Renovation How Tos

You want to renovate and upgrade your property or just enjoy your kitchen more...Following are a few shortcuts, which will not break your budget.

Stainless appliances

Just give in already...There is no better upscale finish and hasn't been for almost a decade. Sure, Viking produces lemonade yellow. Other companies have their graphites, etc...but nobody buys it. Stainless is still an upgrade from black, white and almond.

Shallow Depth Refrigerator

More expensive, but aesthetically much better than looking at sides protruding in your kitchen. Shallow depth is almost a requirement in a kitchen with an island

Slide-in stove

This is a similar argument as the shallow depth. A slide in stove has no backguard and thus allows a much cleaner look throughout your kitchen.

Undermount sink

An undermount keeps the sink out of sight, and is much easier to clean without the edges of a regular sink.

Pull-Out Faucet

So much easier than a faucet with a separate spray and so much better looking.


Budget $200-400 on decorative lighting. It will personalize your kitchen and is a relatively small part of your budget.

Recessed Lighting

If you have a normal ceiling height buy 4 inch, 5 inch or low voltage housings. Do NOT buy a large diameter recessed light. It looks dated and unattractive.


  1. Hey, I love your blog and read it almost daily! Keep up the good work. I do have a couple questions about this post though. Would normal ceiling height be 8 or 9 feet? Would large diameter recessed lighting be 6 inch? Sorry, I wasn't aware of the faux pas of large diameter recessed lighting and just wanted to make sure I was clear - thanks!

  2. Thanks Robin....Normal ceilings are 8-9 feet. Smaller cans are a better aesthetic by far and not much more expensive

  3. Anonymous8:54 AM

    For your sink, you might want to consider an undermount apron sink-better body mechanics especially if you are shorter or arms are shorter.
    Also consider the length of your arms when choosing the depth. Too deep a sink and too far away will give you a back ache.

  4. True, always consider the ergo metrics, also note apron sinks are about a grand versus $279 for a regular undermount