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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

3 Ranges

With the introduction of induction at lower prices of $1639, it will be interesting to see how manufacturers react in the category. If you want to look at just stove tops as a precedent, induction will be at the high end and regular electric ranges will price far below and have basic features.

Induction, as I have posted previously, is better technology. It is faster, better to simmer and more efficient than even a professional gas burner.

With that in mind...let's compare based on features an induction range against 2 others in the same price range.

Samsung $1829 - Four induction burners, three convection fans and warming drawer.

Electrolux $2299 - 5 burner, single convection with a second oven...Like the style and the second oven is better than the Samsung warming drawer, but it is $470 more.

Bosch $1899 - 4 burner, convection and warming drawer...I like the brand and the style, but it is $70 more...for what?

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