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Monday, January 25, 2010

Our Most Popular Post Ever

Don Henley once wrote "The more I know the less I understand". I look at the 820 posts and this one is by far the most popular...Its not my early thought provoking stuff, nor is it about SubZero, LED, Viking, GE or Bosch..

Its about NXR....Why? Here is the post with a How to afterward.

Features to Consider when buying a pro range

1. Self clean or not....?
2. Regular gas or dual fuel?
3. Grill or griddle option?
4. Low simmer/Higher output

Best Names

Simmer...Thermador...150 degrees is the lowest
Price....Viking(open burner units)
Oven.....Wolf(double convection)


  1. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Did you consider the new KitchenAid pro ranges?
    20K BTU burners, chrome griddle (no seasoning required), duel fuel, steam assit convection cooking!...i guess KitchenAid doesn't come to mind for most people when thinking of commercial cooking but when i saw the prices it definitly made me take a look.

  2. Hello yet another Whirlpool associate...I will look when the product becomes available


    PS: It was the exclamation point that gave you away

  3. Anonymous11:21 PM

    I was told that while Wolf ovens have two convection fans that they never actually work at the same time. They just alternate in an effort to have a "sales story" for the consumer to think two beats one. Is that true?

  4. A Response:
    Is Two Better than one?
    Regarding the dual convection fan in the Wolf wall ovens and dual fuel ranges it depends on the cook.
    We have baked, roasted, reheated and BURNT a ton of food in wall ovens over the years.
    Two fans may not necessarily provide a better cookie against a comparable brand with a single convection fan.
    The difference is in the additional cooking modes when the alternating fans assist in the preheat, the Bake Stone and Convection Broil modes. These results are preferred and in the convection broil you may not get a heat blast when opening the oven to check on your rack of lamb. The fans are rotating to pull the heat back which is a great way to avoid the grease facial.

  5. Anonymous1:33 AM

    You have a post about the NXR in 2008 saying it is unproven. How about a follow up post in 2010 with the proof? What has been the experience? Are people happy? Is it recommended?


  6. I will put it on the docket