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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chinese Pros

Part of what people will see this weekend at Innovation 08 are prototypes and brand new products unseen by consumers. NXR is the first professional range imported from China. It seems to have good specifications and an unbelievable price at $1999.

Because we are the servicer provider, I am concerned about initial quality. At a 20-30% discount versus competitive products, NXR will certainly not be the last company to manufacture in China

Have a look

NXR Range


  1. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Is NXR a Chinese brand and this is their first professional range? Or, is this a US brand that has manufactured its first pro stove in China? What are your quality expectations? Upon initial review does it appear on level with some of the other brands? $2k seems like a very attractive price, especially knowing if it breaks down Yale can fix it!

  2. We service every product purchased here...

    NXR is chinese not a subsidiary of an American brand. GE manufactures laundry in China, but this is the first truly Chinese company..

    The range looks good, but is totally unproven. The worst case scenario is the product does not work and we cannot fix it...

    In this case we can always credit the entire purchase. At 30 inch it is a very easy product to replace

    Best case is you save $500-1000 on a range purchase...

  3. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Will we be seeing this NXR range in a kitchen package shortly? Does NXR manufacture other appliances?

  4. Steve, can you post the specs on this pro range? Thanks.

  5. Absolutely John...As soon as I have them

  6. To the best of my knowledge, this is the only product under the NXR name...We will package this in the near future assuming we carry the line....

  7. Anonymous6:12 PM

    NXR has a website with three models. www.NXRrange.com

  8. Sorry to confuse....I was considering the professional range category to be one product

    There are 3 products in the line. One 30 inch and 2 36s.

    We will be showing two this weekend

    Thank you for the correction

  9. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Thanks Steve!

    The specifications are also available on the website www.NXRrange.com.

    To address the quality issue....
    There are 16 quality components on the NXR range which are sourced from the US, Germany, & Australia.

    These components include: Isphording burners which Wolf and Miele also use as a burner supplier located in Germany, Invensys safety valves from the US, and Tytronics supplies automatic reignition modules from Australia. These are the preferred vendors of components for many large manufacturers producing gas cooking products.

    NXR delivers an outstanding value, and is featured very similar to the rest of the professional style category.

  10. Let me guess: You work for NXR

    It does look good, but we will see

  11. Anonymous9:11 PM

    Steve, any update as to whether this product will stand up to the test of time? Have you guys decided to carry it? I like how the top is stainless but is it true that the oven isnt self cleaning? Lastly, what exactly makes it a pro-range? It doesnt seem all that beefy compared to the other pro-ranges. Sorry for all the questions. Thanks.

  12. Ask away...

    First a pro range is high output burners of at least 15,000 BTU with a commercial appearance. NXR does have a somewhat beefy look to it, but maybe the pictures do not convey

    We will probably carry the unit, but I will know definitively by Friday. The sourced components are decent quality, so (best guess) the product should last.

    The stove is not self cleaning, but most of the Vikings sold are not either.

    NXR seems to have good features at a great price point $1999. There are some risks at being among the first customers. We will, however, service any product we sell

  13. Anonymous7:07 PM

    Steve, speaking of ranges, what is the point of the double oven? Is it more economical to have one small oven and one larger? Does it really make a difference?

    Can you cover this in a future post? Here is the model I was curious about. Jenn-Air JGR8890

  14. True double ovens exist only in wall ovens and 60 inch professional ranges...I prefer the double wall oven to single oven with microwave, because the price is similar...

    Typically we do not advocate any brand or product. We try to sell based on a needs assessment.

    A double oven is a good purchase for someone who will either use it or wants to resell the property

    I will certainly cover double ovens within the week

  15. Anonymous8:30 PM

    Ok, I know you dont advocate one product over another without a needs assessment. I'm a single guy in the middle of a condo renovation. I dont bake, I hardly cook, but I would love to broil a steak a few times a week. Is this type of double oven what I should be looking for or should I try to find a range with a separate broiler - or has this replaced the separate broiler. Also, the one thing I hate about my (GE) stove now is that its incredibly hard to keep clean. The black surface has worn in certain spots and lost its lustre and it always looks dirty with either fingerprints or dust. Is there a non-pro model range with an all stainless top? Thanks for all the info.

  16. First, ranges with separate broilers have not been around for 10 years. If you do not cook consider a good basic free standing range.

    For Stainless tops, try a GE or Bosch

  17. Anonymous3:47 PM

    I hate that about my stove too. What do you guys recommend buying so as to not have the problems with fading, dust, etc?

  18. I could say order out....but I need some details of the fading to which your refer

  19. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Have you guys decided to carry this range? Also, is it now available in a kitchen package?

  20. The product is available...We have not actually packaged it, but the price at $1999 seems attractive on its own

  21. Anonymous11:06 PM

    Have you sold any NXR range since the discussions? Any updated comments on the range? Thanks!

  22. We have sold 3 30s and 1 36 inch range...so far no issues

  23. Anonymous12:27 AM

    We were looking at the NXR 30". There are two models, one with a grey inside and silver nobs, and one with a blue inside and silver/black trim nobs. Otherwise seem identical except the one with the blue inside color is $200 more. Any issues of one versus the other?

  24. The increase is just that knobs and a blue interior. Why would the identical piece cost $200 more for just a different color interior....

    Good marketing?

  25. Anonymous4:30 PM

    The grey interior with silver knobs was replaced by the blue interior and Silver/Black knobs. Sounds like someone is discounting their dicontinued items.

  26. Either that or selling the new for the price of the old

  27. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Have you done any posts on outdoor LED lighting? I'm interested in seeing if our condo board will consider replacing the outdoor street light sytled lights in our parking lot with more efficient lights. I saw something in Time magazine that they can save more than 25% on electricity cost each month but the price was nowhere to be found. Since the huge sodium lights we have now are our largest contributer to our electric bill, I'd love to see something better.

  28. I'm considering the NXR 30". Its been some time since you started this thread. Any insight as to how it has held up, and wear and tear. Also, how does it feel opening and closing the door? Is it clunky, jerky and slammy (yes that's pretty technical) or smooth and more on the high end?
    How hot does the outside of the oven feel to the touch when baking/broiling.
    You mentioned it is a 'pro' range, but I've seen it listed on other sites as a 'professional style' range, that can be easily used in a home kitchen. I'm looking for the pro style, but insulated and without the multiple pilot lights. A lot of insurance companies won't insure homes with an actual pro stove. Thanks for any more help you can offer!

  29. William,

    First, the NXR is a insulated, professional range, not a commercial. I like this product, but we can't seem to sell it even at a low price

    We have only sold 3 or 4, so I do not have a feel of general quality



  30. Anonymous7:27 PM

    Steve, any update on NXR ranges (I guess it has been over 2 years since your blog).

  31. I liked the range, but nobody really bought it....It was removed from display a year ago

  32. Anonymous5:08 PM


    Do you still carry the NXR range? Have you had any feedback from customers who purchased this brand/model?
    Also, on their website, it state that it is assembled in their faciltity in California and the company is a US comapny. Where did you see that this is a Chinese company?