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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Warm Those Buns

Risque title, but after Atlas Shrugged, I need to jazz it up. Our chef loves warming drawers. The drawer is a great convenience for working families. You can warm foods without overcooking for up to 3 hours and also refresh leftovers. Most brands offer the drawer with $1,000 being the average.

There is a cheaper way....A warmer almost becomes a freebie with a better range. Consider a Frigidaire slide in at $1450, which has the drawer included. Not a bad deal...

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  1. Steve,
    You are right. We had the slide in Fridgidaire for 5 years in our last house (great range and a great price!) and used the warmer all the time. It does a great job keeping food at a steady temp. We loved it so much we put a stand alone warmer in our new kitchen and are still thrilled with having a warmer drawer!