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Tuesday, October 07, 2008


I actually visited SubZero in Madison, Wisconsin last weekend. I am a big fan of this company. Like us, SubZero is a third generation business. They have dominated the cooking business by buying and reanimating the Wolf brand. Similar forays into wine and integrated refrigeration have been equally successful.

Recently, they have discontinued the most popular built in refrigerator ever manufactured. The 650 was the original bottom mount pull out drawer on the market.
With two compressors and a vacuum seal, the 650 was the best product in its class.

Lets look at its successor, the BI36.

First they re-engineered the hinges for a more flush installation.


Secondly, a water filter was added. This filter can even eliminate viruses from the water.


You are looking at an air scrubber. As food begins to spoil, it emits gasses. The scrubber eliminates these gasses allowing food to stay fresher for a longer period of time.



  1. steve, are you guys open on monday? any spcials goin on in the ge cafe series? i'm coming up to your store as it's finally time to purchase all my kitchen appliances! cant wait.

  2. We are open everyday, but 9-8 on Monday...There are packages on GE Cafe with in store and manufacturer rebates