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Monday, October 20, 2008

Recessed Lighting

It is very hard to describe lighting. In previous posts, I have delved into the color rendition or Kelvin of different bulbs. In other posts, how to buy recessed has been the topic. Somehow, I may have confused as many readers as I have helped.

Everyone, it seems, wants to know the proper way to light a space. Of course, there is no one concrete way to light a room. The best method to properly illuminate any room is a combination of task, ambient, accent and decorative sources.

Recessed is used primarily as the main or task lighting and can also be used for accent applications. Choosing and more importantly understanding the right recessed lighting just became much easier.

This new display shows differences in sizes, apertures as well as light sources like LED and compact fluorescent.

Couple of quick pointers on designing lighting with recessed:

1. More light is needed in Kitchens and baths. Less in all other rooms
2. Ceiling heights are important
3. Use insulated cans on the top floors
4. For normal to short ceilings, use a 5, not a 6, recessed can. It is much neater

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