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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Culprits....Number 3.5

Over the last week, the Yale Blog has detailed different products to save electricity and of course money. For new construction and remodelling, induction is the greenest cooking technology and a great way to save both.

Every day, I eat oatmeal and have the choice of boiling water on a Thermador 22,000 BTU wok, a Viking prfessional cooktop or an induction burner. Induction is by far the fastest to a boil...

Other attributes:

1. Simmer: Boil to simmer in seconds
2. Control: Induction is immediate response
3. Child safety: Induction is instant on/off, so there is much less residual heat
4. Efficiency: Induction is 90% efficient, gas 60% and electric 55%.
5. Less Venting: Less heat escaping means less venting as well as less of a drag on HVAC systems, which is a further savings of electricity

Induction cooktops now start at about $1399 versus $2200 for a pro cooktop.


  1. Anonymous4:57 PM


    Is there such thing as an induction range? e.g. Can you buy an induction cooktop that also has a gas oven? There probably isn't but I thought I'd ask.

  2. Diva has started manufacturing a 36 inch induction range. Viking and Electrolux are producing a 30- inch in 2009

    Presently, there is not an induction/gas combo on the market. Elecetrolux has a wall oven that will fit under their induction cooktop