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Friday, October 24, 2008


Look at any refrigerator:

At 18 cents per Kilowatt Hour, the average consumer should save around $100 in just energy....But the savings could be much greater....Look again

Depending on when you are reading this, you are probably drinking a bottled water. That bottled water costs about $1.29 on average. Multiply that number by how many you drink per week, month and year.

Guess what, the water filter in the refrigerator will deliver better water for a fraction.

Now what are the true savings


  1. Hi Steve, I'm local and was recommended to you by my mother then ERIKA from Urban Grace Interiors in Florida!! I am in the midst of kitchen reno - but not installing range 'till Spring (converting home to gas at that time). Need to install an under-cabinet hood NOW though. What do you recommend for 30 inch good-performing stainless steel, plain good looks? Will go over Jenn Air Dual Fuel Range from YA when the time comes! Also, are these in stock...tile guy's coming next week! ! THANK YOU - Annmarie

  2. Small world....Erika is an unbelievable designer....Good looking hoods: Look at Zephyr, Faber or Best.

    You do not need anything expensive. Most of the Zephyrs are 750 cfm and more than capable of handling a JennAir

    Lead time should be minimal...Thank you for looking us up