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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Viking Strikes Back

Evidentally, my earlier review of Viking Vs Wolf(July 15) caught the ire of our Viking Rep...His comments are below

FYI, I was made aware of a recent blog you posted. Glad to see people are reading. A few notes I would like to make, for what it's worth.

1) Viking currently offers 2 self clean ovens in the 48" Dual Fuel. The left oven is not convection but offers a proofing element. We are looking forward to more upgrades coming in the new Custom Series range due out in the fall.

Response: Mea Culpa

2) I would challenge any simmer out there. The BTU number is only part of the equation. The design of the burner and size will also make a big difference when comparing. We also give the user this same great feature on every burner. The customer doesn't have to worry about shuffling items around.
According to Wolf's site: They offer 950BTU simmer on their 15K burners and 325 BTU on one 9,200 burner.

Response: They have one dedicated simmer, but all of the units are three stage simmers...BTW, simmer is only measurable by BTU.

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