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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thermador Rebates

Does anyone else not understand this?


  1. Steve,
    As a regular reader of your blog and a happy Yale customer, I must agree with you. When I saw the ad in print I was puzzled and I must say it is not a home run! Usually your ads are more clever or at instead clear and to the point. Good luck with that one!

  2. MEWC...I thought it was me.

    Perhaps I lost my subtle wit or do not understand the new night clubesque way of advertising

    Then again, it could be the ad

  3. Anonymous12:23 PM

    I also dont really get it. I was thinking at first that at certain prices items were flying off the shelves. The jumping off part threw me for a loop.

  4. steve,

    Though I am not yet a Yale customer, and a new reader of this blog, I am, however, an ideal customer for your store. And I think the ad is great. Our world is covered in "neon signs" and "flashing arrows" ads that attract, and do it at a level aimed at, frankly speaking, dumb people. And so it is refreshing to see something which makes me STOP and THINK. I have never heard any of your radio ads (I am sure they are good), but contrary to your suggestion, this ad is great at talking to intelligent adults with a message that says LOW PRICE, but does so in a very clever manner. I am an educated, professional woman, and I appreciate companies which respect my savvy and sophistication. This ad does just that.

  5. ...and by the way, WHY are you bashing your own advertising department????? If you truly want an objective feedback to your question don't be so influential in your introduction...

    and to your point, maybe it is not the ad

  6. Good Things,

    If you had seen this in a newspaper, WOULD you have stopped and tried to understand?

    I am not bashing my friend, who is more talented than I. Perhaps in his effort to create great advertising, he has created great visuals

    Lastly, we have changed our ways by listening to consumers and customers including blog feedback

    Fair enough?

  7. Anonymous1:20 PM

    An interesting story to share with inquiring minds...

    I was browsing the paper and did see the and in question. I stopped because I thought I miss-read it, read the ad again, put down the paper, turned to my lap top and typed in www.yaleappliance.com

    The fact that this ad grabbed my attention and pulled me to your website speaks volumes about it. I bet that if it was a “regular” ad with a refrigerator crossed out by a mark down sign I wouldn’t have noticed it and this blog entry/discussion wouldn’t have even started. So kudos to your marketing person for understanding the game and coming out with a smart and an elegant solution. The true value of this ad greatly exceeds the costs associated with it. The fact that you didn’t understand it or cared for it, is irrelevant. You have too much “inside” information about the business and as such it is extremely difficult for you (or anyone else “inside” a business) to put the blinds on and to see it from a customers’ perspective. I would suggest looking at the bottom line rather than questioning the creative side of your marketing department.

    Last point to note. Next spring, my wife and our builder will come to your store to shop for a new kitchen. I honestly can not say that I would have even cared where she would spend the money, but because of this ad I’ve pointed out your store and asked her give it considerable thought. I figured that someone who can bring in such talented people might have something worthwhile to offer his customers.

    All of this is free of charge and only because you asked.