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Friday, August 29, 2008

Labor Day

I am away today, but there is yet a new factory rebate program just published. Labor Day and Memorial seem like big promotional periods these days. This may be true nationally, but in New England, people are never home.

So when I return, we will delve into some decent buys for September.

Can't believe summer is over


  1. hi steve, happy labor day-i passed by your building the other day on my way back from the airport so now i know exactly where you are and as soon as i finish this grueling work on ordering all the cabinets i will be up to buy my appliances...i have decided to go with the ge cafe line except for the fridge since they dont offer the french door that i want. quick question for you. i have right now a "vent-a- hood" over the range but i am also toying with the arietta chimney pyramid. i like the sleek design however i am afraid it will get too dated too fast....any thoughts on either a traditional vent or the pyramid? thanks!!!!

  2. First, GE now offers 2 french door models. In terms of venting, sleek to me is Best or Zephyr...

    The Europeans just design beautiful products