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Thursday, December 13, 2007

What NOT To Buy

It seems like I am endorsing everything lately except for bottled water.....Now we will talk about the netherworld of appliances aka...What not to buy

Silver mist, clean steel or any other stainless looking products....First it should be called grey and it is not that much cheaper than stainless. Truly aesthetically challenged product

Stainless Look

Any high end non energystar top loading washer: Imagine someone knocking on your door and asking you for $250 per year every year. Buying a top load instead of a front load is pretty much that simple.

Top Load

Any expensive non self cleaning product: Fine,maybe you don't use the self cleaning option, but the non self cleaning units have the broiler below instead of storage drawer

Manual Clean

These really bad products are advertised every week in circulars from some pretty well known companies.

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