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Friday, December 14, 2007

Next Week

Hopefully everyones commute wasn't that bad. My travel time was 2 hours last night for a normal 7 minute commute. Most Bostonians will want to strangle me about my occasional global warming rants after yesterday....BUT

According to the Wall Street Journal, Carbon Dioxide levels are at the highest in 650,000 years. We will explore some more LED next week as this is the bulb of the near(energy efficient) future. In an earlier post, we looked at recessed housings. Next week, we will look at undercounter lighting, which will use about 1/20 of the power with the same lumen output.

We will look at lights, electric ranges, more LED, Sears and more LED.

Until then...Have a nice weekend,



  1. Steve,

    I started using the Wrinkle Care setting on my LG gas dryer. My electric bill went up $20 this month. Does the Wrinkle Care setting use way more electricity? Thanks.


  2. Jo,

    Wrinkle release is no heat drying. $20 is more money than the dryer should cost for full monthly operation.

    For that kind of monthly expense, it must be heat and/or electricity