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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Gas Ranges Again

I was once in Tulsa for the grand opening of the new Whirlpool range plant. Tulsa is perhaps the quietest city in America, but there is real value to not having rush hour traffic ever.

Anyhow, you watch the ranges being built on the line. Almost immediately you understand the laws of production, which is the standardization of almost everything. On a range the cabinets, oven elements and backguards are identical.

Hence the subject of this post...What are we buying with a more expensive product?

To simplify, lets look at a basic versus the very best Frigidaire range.

The Plgfmz98 (great range)

European Convection
Double oven
5 burner
16,ooo BTU power burner(standard burners are 10-12)

Gas Range

The Fgf368

4 burner
standard oven
14,000 btu burner

Gas Range

There is no difference in oven size or in the bake and broil elements themselves. Often times people mistake better for better built. When you are buying an appliance of any type, it is features not the product itself that delineates standard from good and good to great.

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