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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Foreign Laundry Invasion

On Mondays post about lighting, we discussed the Chinese outsourcing influence on the lighting industry. Chinese manufacturing probably accounts for 90% of the lighting products. Although low cost product has tamed inflation and cost of living to some degree, it is disconcerting not to control production.

But what about appliances? Which company outsources their laundry to China?

Is it the ever popular Whirlpool Duet

Nice Lights

The highly rated Bosch?

Nice Lights

Or the new feature packed GE?

Nice Lights

The answer is GE, which markets the first decent Chinese appliances. In the future as more product is sourced, consumers should see better quality and lower prices.

Interestingly enough, the German company, Bosch, manufactures in the US while the American company, Whirlpool, produces the Duet in Germany

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