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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


OEM is an industry term meaning one company manufacturing basically the same product for different companies under different labels. This philosphy has been around for years especially as we source more product from overseas. It is more efficient, but creating new products becomes more difficult with one source.

Most of the times it is fairly obvious, other times you do not really know like in this instance.....

Pictured below is the glass kitchen at Yale. As you may remember from earlier posts, we try to show direct comparisons between different fuel types such as electric, induction, gas,and pro gas.

Glass Kitchen

We also show the latest and greatest wall ovens. So my interest was piqued to see the new Viking professional 240 volt microwave and steamer. It certainly appears professional

Have a look:

Viking Steam/Microwave

The microwave, however, is the same as the Sharp, and the steamer is the same as a Miele....Logically, you do not want to pay a premium for the same equipment under a different name

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