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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New Wall Ovens...Finally

I am ending my Pre Thanksgiving posts with ovens. Lets set the Way Back machine(Liz) to the 1970s. Convection or fan forced heat was introduced into the marketplace. In the new milennium, convection is still the standard. Now some ovens have two fans in the same oven.

There are two new ovens worth noting:

KitchenAid now has steam in a regular size oven. Steam is a great way to cook as it locks in the nutrients for healthier cooking

KitchenAid Steam Assist

Shaun is pointing out the steam dispenser within the machine

KitchenAid Steam Assist

The other is the reintroduction of Turbo Chef, which is a speed cooker

Turbo Chef

Hopefully this may spark the change for general evolution of this segment of the market

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Personally, I love this holiday. In the morning I serve the homeless at the Pine Street Inn and end the day at my sisters in Medfield. We all used to work together, so no knives are allowed at the table. It is the last great family holiday except we will have to watch the Lions implode again.....


Happy Thanksgiving to yours from ours.



  1. Anonymous9:51 PM

    Wasn't steam in the oven death to the Russell Range??

  2. You are dating yourself, my friend.

    Russell Range was the original professional product launched circa 1988. Unfortunately, they never had the foresight to manufacture the whole stove. Along comes Viking and Thermador and all of sudden, they now need a range.

    Here is the good part: They joint ventured with Regency VSA for the oven, which to your point was a steam oven.

    The product was a Russell pro looking top with a Victorian looking oven designed by Regency.

    It looked awful and the company folded shortly thereafter..