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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Green Townhomes

Meet Jim. He is a developer and one of our favorite clients.

Jim and Dennis

He is also a forward thinker with different building techniques and new technologies. His latest project is in the South End and employs many Green attributes, so I thought it may be fun to look. I also love old buildings, and this one is no exception. It was an old womens dorm many years ago. Women, in the past were looked down on if they lived alone. Jim purchased it, and turned into 9 upscale condominiums


Many of the old architectural elements remain or were recreated like the crown mouldings and woodwork. I like the staircase.


What really interested me was the LED lighting. We have tried to procure LED recessed for over a year and felt it was not quite ready. LED is short for light emitting diode and lasts longer then fluorescent with even greater efficiency. LED is a brilliant light in all ways except for white. It is, however, also inconsistent in its renderings or the color of the light from lamp to lamp. Jim, to his credit, circumvented this by overbuying and matching colors himself.

LED Recessed

LED Recessed

Another cool feature is his hall lights are on a sensor, so the light is activated with motion only.

Hall Lights

So much of Green building is non appliance and lighting related. For example, Jim recycles 85% of his rubbish by placing them in separate bins. The building has a white roof to reflect light and solar panels to assist in heating the building, and the HVAC is, of course, EnergyStar rated.

Jim and his wife researched and in installed all this new technology on their own. Consider how much would be saved if all buildings were designed and constructed in the same way

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