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Monday, November 19, 2007

Energy Tip Of The Day

As I am writing this, I have not read the Globe article on Green as of yet. I realize the Tip Of The Day is more or less a misnomer at this point. However, next year will be better as the lighting industry will finally start manufacturing consistent LED lighting. That is, if the lighting industry, the ALA, doesn't lobby against LED as they have fluorescent. Stupid.

This year has been interesting observing the nations slow awareness to conservation. I have saved a small fortune myself, by switching to fluorescent in my halls(earlier posts...How to save watts) and by drinking my own filtered and not bottled water, (which is filtered water anyway). I probably saved $20 per week alone and thereby eliminated the generation, transportation and disposal of plastic bottles.

Most Green is just commonsense really. Here is an example. I walk to my local coffee shop to have their tuna pannini. It is a great sandwich(tuna, olive oil, capers and black olives on a spinach rollup), but the amount of packaging is unbelievable: There is the cardboard container, the paper around the sandwich, 10 napkins and a bag. The Egyptians buried their dead with less(get it?). All I really need is the cardboard box

So for the holidays please remember this: Less packaging means more trees and all the implied environmental ramifications of removing a forest for non essential packaging. Before you wrap gifts for the holidays, please consider what you actually need

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