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Monday, December 13, 2010

Your Christmas Tree

This is the front of my home.

I would take credit, but its my neighbor Owen's tree. The lights are LED. Your tree's lights should be LED, because it emits zero heat. Incandescent heats to 300, so there is less of a fire risk with better light. LED will also last 20 years, which is forever in holiday years.

LED is much harder to buy for the interior of your house. Although the efficiency is off the charts, there are not many LED manufacturers producing a true white LED.

A couple of suggestions for buying LED:

1. Kelvin temperature of 2700-3400 degrees. This will insure the proper color. Our tree is 5000 degrees, which renders a bluish color.

2. Buy it with a Cree chip. Cree manufacturers the LED drivers for many manufacturers. In my opinion, Cree manufactures the most consistent LED

So place LED all over your decorations, but be very careful of buying it for your home.

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