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Friday, December 17, 2010

Rock, Walk And Frigidaire

Every year, WAAF features a great charity event called the Walk And Rock For Change. Their radio personalities walk to Boston over three days (usually in bitter cold) for the local Food Banks around New England. The listeners also request songs for donations. This event has generated over 1 million dollars since its inception.

I have always loved this event, since they charged me $500 for my Peaches N Herb request (it's a rock station). This is a great event and a worthy cause. If you have a few dollars, here is WAAF's website. Remember, $1 buys two meals...

Now to our regularly scheduled post:

Last week, Steve Shipley was our featured guest chef, and he loved using the Frigidaire hybrid induction cooktop.

The reasons:

Griddle burner: For bigger plates, etc.

Temperature readings: More precise cooking

Dual Zone induction: For fast boiling and simmering on larger pots

Secondary induction: For more of the above albeit owith smaller pots

Why you should like it: When induction was first introduced, the price was $3500 plus. This cooktop is $1389.

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