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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Last Of The Mohicans

There has never been more choice in cooking. Want Induction, Gas, Dual Fuel, Pro, Slide-In, Freestanding? No problem.

Want a downdraft for your new island? Your choice is this.

JennAir is the last company producing downdrafts. GE, Thermador, Roper and Modern Maid have exited a long time ago. But should you buy a downdraft? Maybe. Downdrafts have proximity to the actual smoke and are certainly better than no vent.

I would prefer you bought this...

Although downdrafts are aesthetically more pleasing, hoods provide better ventilation for the following reasons:

1. Typically they have greater CFM or better blower speed to move air

2. They have better capture area. Smoke can be captured and channel in greater volumes

3. Gravity....smoke travels up

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