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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fix it

Appliance service has become increasingly difficult. Gone are the days where your Maytag washer was a simple repair. Back then, Maytag was a primitive workhorse. It had zero electronics, was front serviceable and belt driven.

Flash forward 10 years and every appliance is gadget laden. With the exception of Miele, companies are designing from one place, procuring from many other places and assembling in yet another place. Thus complicating effective repair.

Still, appliances last 8-12 years, which is good in comparison to cars or any other durable good. If you actually want timely, competent repair, the following steps will help.

1. BEFORE you buy an appliance, understand who fixes it, especially with more exotic brands like LG and Samsung.

2. Know the model and serial number: Serial number is especially important, because companies will use different parts for the same model number.

3. Exact nature of problem: Better descriptions allows the repair company to properly diagnose the problem.

4. Get a rough estimate...

5. Due your diligence. Check the company on the BBB, Yelp or ask friends. There is very good and extremely bad....

Shaban, our service manager, probably has the least enviable, but most important job in the company.

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