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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Be Quiet

So Many Dishwashers...

But which one is the quietest. Quiet is important, especially if you have combined living and dining areas into one room.

Is it the closely held, quality obsessed Miele?

How about the popular Bosch?

The old faithful KitchenAid?

The plucky Asko from Sweden?

The answer is all of them are quiet, but the difference are not detectable by the human ear...Thus none can make the claim as quietest.

3 Good dishwasher questions:

1. How many cycles. A cycle is time and temperature and can be designed for specific items like crystal. You pay for more cycles

2. European Vs American: European is more efficient, but has a filter...American has a shredder and is less efficient

3. Integrated: Controls on the top are sleeker, but more expensive

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