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Friday, November 26, 2010

What Happened

You don't want me in your house. I will subconsciously look at all your appliances, lighting, plumbing, tiling and your decorative style.

I was over my friend Jane's house yesterday. Loved her house. She wants to remodel her kitchen, but she actually renovated it well in the early 80s. I will always tell clients amd friends to spend money wisely, and keep what is still relevant and likeable.

Her appliances were interesting more as a cautionary tale for even the best brands...Have a peek.


In the early 80s, for upscale appliances, your choice was Thermador, JennAir and SubZero. That's it. JennAir stayed mired in the downdraft segment and totally missed the boat on the professional segment. Still, the downdraft is somewhat compelling in an island and their slide-ins are still interesting.


From 1980-1992, if you wanted a great dishwasher, you bought KitchenAid, period. It was built better and lasted forever (or until the next remodel). Then the Europeans invaded with much quieter dishwashers, integrated controls and stainless tanks. For whatever reason, KitchenAid was slow to change. They didn't realize quietness became an issue when the kitchen was opened to the living room. They have had a competitive dishwasher for about 5 years after waiting about 7.

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