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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Green Payback

By now most of you have figured, that I am somewhat passionate about lighting design, green technologies, induction, LED and in general spending money wisely for renovations.

When I look especially at Green, I understand people need to see a return on their investment for the higher initial price, especially now. If you search the three plus years of posts, you will read plenty of examples.

Here are a few more examples of how you can save money in your office or home.


We now have our own camelbak water containers and have eliminated bottled water throughout the company. Payback to the environment is immediate as 104 people have stopped throwing away water cups on a daily basis. Payback to the company by eliminating cups and bottled water totals over $20,000.


We are in midst of converting the showroom to all LED and compact fluorescent inside and outside. Ongoing savings $60-70,000 (at least)..Then again, we have 3500 lights on display.

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