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Monday, November 08, 2010

Don't Do This

Kitchens and baths are really the only rooms which need proper illumination. Guess what, a real lighting plan is not difficult for any room. It includes elements of Task (recessed and/or track), Ambient (uplighting to wash the ceiling), Decorative (pendants and sconces) and Accent (highlighting objects). It is very hard to err.

Then I saw this bathroom...Do you see the problem?

In theory, there is enough light. However, by placing the light directly over the sink, your face becomes engulfed in shadows. If you have any task area; bath sink, kitchen sink or even the shed area out back, you want to cross illuminate.

Let's fix this: (you can do any one of these)

1. Shift the recessed, so it is on the either side of the sink

2. Place sconces at 65-66" high on either side of the sink

3. A less desirable option is to place a double sconce above the sink

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