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Monday, November 01, 2010

Cellar Dweller

This is another post in our series featuring respected local builders and designers and some of their projects to spot trends and hopefully inspire.

I really love this kitchen. Remarkably, this kitchen is in the basement, which is common in parts of Boston. Have a look at a really unique space:

1. This is the best use of color. Viking Red is really uncommon, but this shows what is possible beside the ubiquitous stainless.

2. A few posts ago, I showed an apron or farm sink....Have a look at one in black. It adds another design element to the room.

3. Notice the post and beam ceiling. You cannot install recessed in a post and beam. We posted about task lighting a couple of weeks ago, and they used low voltage track instead. Great substitute.

4. The island has a couple of decorative pendants adding visual depth to the space

Thank you to Charlie Allen Restorations for sending me these pics.

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