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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

LED Pendants and The Rose Kennedy Parkway

Captain Ahab had his White Whale. We have been searching for 4 years to find LED pendants people want to purchase for their home. For some reason, the secret is to find LED pendants with good color rendering, actual light output and not for a bazillion dollars.

LED lasts 15-20 years and emits zero heat. Right now, there are only a couple worth buying.

The two latest contestants aren't half bad from WAC Lighting...

Ah, the Rose Kennedy Parkway. For our out of town readers, this was affectionately known as "The Big Dig". What once was an awful, rusty double-deck highway is now a beautiful green space. Cost prohibitive as it is/was (and will forever be until 2037)...it does beautify our fair city immensely.

The pathway lights.....you guessed it...LED.

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