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Monday, July 26, 2010

Kitchen Of The Year...Part 2

Welcome to Monday

Part 2 of our renovation of the House Beautiful "Kitchen of The Year" (video below). In part 1, we specified the best. In part 2, we deliver a very nice kitchen on budget.

Have a Look:

House Beautiful: JennAir JB36NXRW
Yale Beautiful: Bosch B22CS30

Ok, its a side by side...but the Bosch B22 is attractive, counter depth and stainless. At $1700+ after rebates, this unit is around 5-6,000 cheaper than the JennAir.

Wall Oven
House Beautiful: JennAir JJW2830
Yale Beautiful: Bosch HBL3550

Bosch does not have gadgets, just stainless steel and convection. At $2300, it is also $3,000 cheaper than HB.

House Beautiful: JennAir JED3536
Yale Beautiful: Frigidaire FPCC3085

Lets see, ours is 2 burner induction...Theirs is not. Our vent is easier to clean and way more powerful.

House Beautiful: No idea
Yale Beautiful: Majestic M24 and Franke NAX110

Simple, popular D-shape sinks...If I had to guess, you would save probably $3,000-5,000 between this and the HB.

House Beautiful: German import
Yale Beautiful: Tech Lighting canopy with your choice of pendants...

I have been thinking about this one all weekend. Ok, part of the weekend. Look at the canopy and combine it with any pendant to customize your own light.

House Beautiful video

Well, we are at least $15-20,000 less expensive than House Beautiful.

What do you think?


  1. All are looking very nice and also in affordable price, it means we can make our house beautiful in our budget, Thanks for this post.

  2. Wow nice picture reflects the shining of kitchen lighting works

  3. I am currently planing my new kitchen and as kitchen is one of my important rooms in house I wan't to make it perfect.

  4. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Why does Yale push JennAir products when I see such bad reviews about them?

    1. Anonymous10:18 AM

      I would also like to know the answer to this 4th comment .

  5. Sorry about the lateness of my reply. We moved our blog platform last year, and I don't check the old platform as much as I should.

    That being said, we don't push any brand at Yale. We are known for selling brands like SubZero and Thermador, but in reality we sell more Frigidaire and Bosch

    I personally like JennAir. Their four piece package is stylish with better features like a convection microwave for 2-3000 less than any comparable package. At the end of the day, we respect the customers decision. Buy what you are comfortable owning. We only want you happy. It doesnt matter what label creates that happiness

    As far as bad reviews, most are poor service or lack of service. We control our own with 20 techs on the road...and since we service what we sell, it is not in our best interest to sell bad products

    Hope this helps