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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Buy This as an Alternative to That

Lets look at this Lynx grill...

It has 75,000 BTUs with weather resistant stainless steel, cast brass elements, a true sear element for quickly searing the outside of your meats, a smoker, a rotisserie and an infrared element for even cooking. In short, this is an extremely like-able grill.

Then again, it should be at around $7,000...

So how about a Weber Summit:

Not as big as the Lynx, but it still has 60,000 BTU, a 12,000BTU side burner, a rotisserie and smoker for $1859...

How about the Weber Genesis:

Its a solid grill with 42,000 BTUs at around $630. We assemble and deliver all our grills over $399 free of charge. Why?...You don't want to assemble these.

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