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Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Street And I

Its grill season again (unless it rains). The grill business was pretty self explanatory. You buy a grill based on size, BTU output and whether you want side burners. Then the pro sear element (quickly charbroiling the meats, after all who has the time?) and smoker were introduced.

Then this happened:

You are looking at a 53 inch Viking grill, warming drawer, refrigerator, beer tap, garbage chute and side burners all enclosed in stainless. Hence the outside lifestyle was born...Now you can accomplish any type of cooking outside, which was formerly done in your kitchen.

Of course real estate values play a huge part, and hence the outside kitchen is on the decline. Jason Notte of The StreetThe Street asked me about this and was kind enough to include me in his article.

The other guy sounds better, doesn't he?

I will post my How To Buy Grills next week...

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