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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Really New Ventilation

Hard to believe, I started working full time in 1986. Back in those medieval appliance times, you had three choices for ventilation (hoods): Broan, Nutone and Rangemaster. Sure, they worked, but looked awful doing so. Downdrafts became popular during this time partly because of style deficiencies of regular vents.

Then the Europeans arrived. Names like Zephyr, Best and Faber really dominated the hood market with beautiful designs. Now the hood was purchased for aesthetics as well as functions...or the reverse of years previous (how many downdrafts do you see now?)

Unfortunately, Best was acquired, and Faber and Zephyr became pricey. There is a new hood line called XO, which has introduced great looking hoods at more affordable prices...Have a look:

For review...

Small review on how to buy a vent (check some earlier postings for elaboration)

Consider the following:

1. CFM

2. Depth

3. Duct run

4. Duct turns

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