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Friday, February 12, 2010

How To Survive Presidents Day

Imagine you are George Washington. You successfully lead a ragtag Colonial army against the mighty British empire, sign the constitution and become the first President of this new Republic...and for this you have a Holiday dedicated to car and appliance buying.

President's Day is actually a pretty good time to buy an appliance. Manufacturer's will have extra rebates for a 5 day period usually around Presidents Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day. Tomorrow I will post the most heavily rebated items.

Before you shop consider the following:

1. Forget about discounts and focus on the bottom line price. 25% off 2,000 is still more expensive than $1475. Most heavily discounted sales are usually off the company's highest price.

2. Look for package deals and try to stay within the same brand if possible...Rebates become geometric with quantity.

3. Beware of the extras. Delivery, electric cords and removal can be expensive.

4. Inquire about service. New appliances will need some kind of service 80.1% of the time within 5 years.

Shifting gears, our home show continues through Monday. A few pics from last Saturday...Also on Facebook...

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