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Thursday, February 04, 2010

How To Buy The Same Range

Seems I have been confusing a bunch of people with this Bosch Vs Frigidaire range. To newcomers, Bosch has been buying their less expensive ranges from Frigidaire, but can be actually cheaper depending on rebates...or so I thought. At the end of this post, I will throw in a short "How to buy a gas range"...no extra charge.

The Bosch HGS3053: Five burner no convection $839 (the Frigidaire 5 burner is $679).

The Frigidaire DGGF3042: 4 Burners, Griddle (elongated) burner and convection $809

The Bosch HGS5053: 4 Burners, Griddle (elongated) burner and convection $959

But wait, Bosch has package rebates which net the range down significantly. I will provide a link to our package page, so you have a sense of the options.

How To Buy a Gas Range....simplified, but it really is easy.

Pick any brand with the base model self-cleaning..You will pay for the following upgrades in this order:

Fifth Burner:

Griddle burner...good for pancakes

Convection: Fan forced heat for even baking

Warming drawer: Keeps food warm (duh) for up to 3 hours great for refreshing leftovers

Second Oven: That's right, TWO ovens, one range

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