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Thursday, February 18, 2010

(Almost) New Frigidaire Professional

Frigidaire is the most underrated company in the appliance industry. They were the first to manufacture affordable stainless steel appliances. To a certain degree, they still own that segment of the market.

Following is their latest and greatest...a curious introduction.

First, the style is interesting and matches this whole new series. They added convection conversion, which automatically reprograms regular baking recipes to convection. Frigidaire has 2 power burners including the griddle burner, so the top is better than last years.

The second oven (under the main) has been eliminated in favor of a warming drawer. A warmer will keep food warm without dehydrating for up to 3 hours...or refresh leftovers...but a second stove it isn't....a definite downgrade.

However, at $1269, it is still cheaper than it's competitors by a couple hundred dollars.

Unfortunately, if you want a second oven, the price tag is now around $1800.

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