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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Who Dat

A brief departure from appliances...

I went to Tulane from 1982-1986 and became a Saints fan. I remember eating pizza watching as the 8-7 Saints were trying to clinch their first playoff game in franchise history

On fourth and one from the their opponents 45, their coach Bum Philips(Faith, Hope and Bum was the team slogan)decided to punt. I watched as the Rams completed five short passes and kick a field goal with no time left.

Since then watching The Saints(The Aints) has been a gut wrenching experience. I was a Celts season ticket holder through M L Carr and Rick Pitino, so I know gut wrenching. I am a Pats fan absolutely, but it was nice to see The Saints last night win one for a struggling yet charming city and most of all for the most tortured fans in sports

BTW: Who Dat is short for: Who Dat Say Gonna Beat Them Saints...Who Dat? When sung in drunken, Cajun, Creole, almost English, it actually can be endearing

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