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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Rest of The House

Last week, I showed you the outside of a house. This convenient post was one day after showing you how to lay out outside lighting....As you guessed, it was unplanned, I like bouncing from different topics.

Hopefully, you will find it interesting. You can always search the blog for a relevant topic as there is now 3 years worth of posts. I am a free form type of guy, so the beguiling order of posts seems to suit me.

Anyway, lets look at the rest of the house. They actually complete a Colonial design nicely. Colonial is a good look for New England (we were a Colony), but its very specific from a design point of view. If you want a more flexible look, consider turn of the century which can be adapted to many types of interiors (a post for next week)

But enjoy a nice interior:

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