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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Best Of....

I was thinking of doing the Best of The Decade, but what was hot even 3 years ago is not now. Following is the best for now and the near future.

LLF LED Recessed:

The cost savings between LED and incandescent is staggering. Although the payback is about 3 years, this technology is bound to decrease in price. Within the next decade, you will be buying this bulb...

Electrolux Induction:

Induction is the best cooking product...even including pro gas. Every manufacturer dabbles in induction, but Electrolux will be introducing new induction products at lower prices.

French Doors:

Fad, Fashion or a bit of both. French doors combine the lateral functionality of a bottom mount in a chic look.


  1. For those of us who've been cooking with gas for decades, and who live in areas where power outages are a regular thing, the ideal would be a couple of gas burners combined with an induction surface that can handle three or four pots (preferably the 'free-form' kind where the cooktop adapts itself to the size and shape of pots put on it).

    Hope Electrolux et al. are reading along...

  2. You can buy hobs or separate elements of gas and induction....

  3. Yes, I'm trying to gather as much info as possible on my options for separate elements (ideally 12" for two burners of gas and 24" with 3/4/free zones of induction). The disadvantages are even higher cost and the introduction of yet another seam to clean -- but worth it if the priority is to save precious counter space.

    As part of that search I went to the 'Modular' section of the Yale cooktops offerings but found it blank. Do you not carry any, or is that just a section of the website that is still being worked on?

  4. Good question....actually very good question. The modular companies to consider are: Wolf, Miele and Gaggenau. We carry all of them