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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Sign of the Times

Most manufacturers are caught. The life cycle of a product between idea, design, development, manufacture and then to the store is around 3 years. Flash back 3 years ago and the appliance industry was on a roll with record shipments.

Well times have changed. In June, appliance shipments nationally were down 29%, which begs the simple question: What about all the new products designed from when times were good.

In order to keep factories working, most manufacturers have offered rebates, which are 10-25% of the product. Electrolux has opted for a more radical approach...

They give it away.

Lets look at this professional range. Its decent with two self cleaning convection ovens and 6 burners (no grill or griddle, however.)

The $1500 hood is free with purchase...probably not on the drawing boards 3 years ago.

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