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Friday, October 23, 2009

The Return of The Table Lamp

Have a look at Daren Lechner's (our designer) new display.

His displays have always been eclectic and different whereas this is modern and coolly professional. I like eclectic or a blend of many different types of styles.

Moving on, kitchen and bath are the only places which need really well planned illumination. You may need it in the hallways, so you don't clang your head at night. For the most part, in other areas, you turn it off to sleep, watch television or conserve energy (had to toss that in).

For this reason table lamps are efficient. They are portable and an effective reading or task light. A lamp can add to the style of the room, but most importantly, does not have to be considered in a fixture plan and can be added later.

Lets look at a few...

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