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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Its in There

Lets look at a line of fixtures and lamps from Holtkotter

This is really beautiful product. But why is this Holtkotter lamp...

More expensive than this lamp from their competitor Besa?

Simple. Its manufactured better: Better materials, metals and finish....Lighting has always been different than appliances. In appliances there are different levels of good with a small percentage between the best and the rest of the pack.

Lighting has three levels, the best, good and throw away. The best would be companies like Holtkotter with better materials, sockets, so the light will look better in comparison to the cheaper competition.

Good is typically a copy or knock off of the better original.

A throw away is a cheap copy of the original: Here is how to spot one so you don't pay an electrician twice.

1. Hangs crooked
2. Transformer buzzes
3. String is frayed
4. Light flickers

Would I buy a good light...sure. Is the best worth it? Like anything, that depends...

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