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Thursday, October 22, 2009

How to Choose a Front Load Washer

Ok so you are purchasing a new front load washer. Good. These machines have twice the capacity while utilizing 1/3 the water and half the electricity, they also are gentler on your clothes and require less drying time.

Let's look at a few...

Here are the key differences...

1 Size: Big range of sizes yet all are much larger than a top loader. The smallest is 3.5 cubic foot, but the Electrolux tops at 4.7 cubic feet, which is double the conventional capacity.

2. Heat: The better models will heat an additional 20 degrees for whiter whites.

3. Spin: Higher spin speeds will extract more water for less drying. The average to load is 400 rpm, the average front loader is 3 times that with Miele topping out at 1600 rpm's.

4. Controls: The best machines are fully programmable down to the fabric type. Electrolux even has a 17 minute quick cycle.

5. Steam. Steam helps loosen stains on fabrics. Look at Whirlpool, LG, and Bosch for a reasonable price on a steam feature.

6. Rebates: Tons of different rebate at set times. Enough to change brands? Absolutely.

As I always caution, you don't have to over buy to purchase a very good machine...


  1. greate post! thanks a lot, i'm going to follow your tips on weekend

  2. Thanks for the tips! I'm looking at replacing a washer/dryer pair soon.