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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Climate Change

Pat tells me its Blog Action Day. Climate change is this years topic. The Yale Blog was inspired by a Canadien who said we could all clean up our world one corner at a time. Green was the most popular topic of the day with the Inconvenient Truth and other byproducts of an overheated world.

As I have spent 3 years researching and 2.5 blogging, we can effectively lower our power consumption and affect climate change at the same time. It really isn't hard, and yes you will pay more initially, but you will have an almost immediate payback.

Change a world, change a bulb:

In a previous post, I showed a whopping $100 savings per month by using LED bulbs. You probably are not going to spend that kind of dough, so buy compact fluorescents. 60% more efficiency, 10 times the life and 2/3 less heat than an incandescent. Buy it at 2700 degree Kelvins, so the light will be similar to an incandescent.

They don't make them like they used to....thank heavens.

Your 20 year old refrigerator in the basement is costing you $200-250 per year to operate. Your old top load washer has 50% less capacity and is costing between $100-150 a year more to operate than a front loader....These things aren't antiques and have increasing value.

Its simple. Conserve, but use better technology. We use less power, less electricity, less resources...better climate.

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